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Up until now, these types of wedding websites have been popular in the US and UK but they’re becoming more and more popular in Ireland. They provide a great way to give wedding guests an easy way to see how long it is until the wedding, directions and information about the venues as well as showing off how perfect you are as a couple.

It is better to contact us as early as possible so we can start preparing your website. It is important to choose your preferred design, then providing us with photo’s, information about the two of you as well as venue info. We can go through quite busy spells so it’s better to get your name on the list as early as possible.

When you choose your design you will have a good idea of exactly what is needed. Normally this is info about the couple getting married, photos for the gallery and venue location details. The details can customised as well so we can go through everything in more detail when the time comes.

It’s generally a quick process, once we get the relevant information that is needed to complete the design and you contact us early enough that we have a chance to complete ongoing work the whole thing normally takes 3-4 days.

We leave the sites up for 6 months after the date of the wedding and can be live for up to a year before the wedding. If you would like a copy of the website or would like to extend the length of the site being up then that can be arranged.

We can integrate a system where the guests need a password to unlock the R.S.V.P form.

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